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pearly parachute dry fly

Parachute Dry Trout Fishing Flies Pearly

Trout Flies 4U
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Pearly parachute dry flies

Pearl Thread

Silver wire rib

grizzle genetic hackle 

poly prop post

sz 12 barb hook


£1.20 each


We've had multiple days of trout caught on our pearly drys, especially on a slightly overcast day  but not too dull.

Our parachute dry trout flies will float longer than most as we use quite a few extra turns of hackles round the post.

We have found trout like them from end feb right through till dead of winter.

When blacks not working and the suns slowly disappearing its time for the pearly's.

Had trout take them in glass water and the choppiest of conditions, even caught trout stripping through the waves.

The body's have been varnished to a high standard prior to tying in the post and hackle.

available in a variety of colour combos

The silver holographic rib adds a bit of much needed flash to catch the trouts eye and curiosity.